Monday, August 22, 2011

The scariest MRI machine EVER...and Olive Garden/Fro Yo to make up for it :)

The MRI this morning was probably one of the scariest things I have done in awhile.  I thought I was only semi-claustrophobic, but after this MRI I know I'm fully claustrophobic.  Everything but my head was in the machine.  Here's what it looked like (note that I got this pic online, I was too busy freaking out to take a picture at the place):

Isn't it tiny?!

After having a minor panic attack (and the nurses probably thinking I was crazy) I got through the 20 minutes of torture. 

Then I met Andrew at Olive Garden for lunch, which was a great treat...but still not fulfilling.  This completed the day:

Gotta love the Fro Yo!!

Now an evening of relaxing before it's back to work tomorrow.  I have my cake decorating class, but since it's not until later I probably will work a longer day.  Hopefully with the amount of work I believe I have, the day will go by rather quickly!

Have a great Monday everyone!


Could you do a full body MRI, or are you as claustrophobic as me?

What Fro Yo flavors/toppings do you like?
For me...anything with chocolate (and sometimes I'm healthy and throw some fruit in there too)

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