Sunday, August 14, 2011

"...and I drove out to the county fair..."

Howdy Y'all!  Yesterday was extremely country because Andrew and I went with Megan and Luke to the Howard County Fair.  Here are some pictures to show off the country-ness that still takes place in good old Maryland, HO CO style (NOTE: HO CO = Howard County). 

The first photo op...we had to take advantage of it!

Ferris Wheel!

While we were on the Ferris wheel the heavens decided to open up and it started to pour.  We were pretty wet by the time we found the 4-H building.  We waited there for the rain to die down...
After the heavens opened up...we were soaked!

He loves getting his picture taken :)
 When the rain stopped, we got the usual fair cream, french fries and funnel cake. After we ate we all walked to see some of the animals.

Pigs!! They looked like they were cuddling.

This goat was for sale...I don't know what I would use a goat for so Andrew wouldn't let me keep him.

Gotta love cows!

And the guys wanted to go on one more ride before we left...despite being full of funnel cake (Men...):

I wanted to post this yesterday, but for whatever reason my pictures weren't loading.  So I'll just have to post twice today (the torture!..haha...just kidding!).   Have a great Sunday everyone :)


What's your favorite food at fairs? Favorite ride?

Any good Saturday/Sunday workouts? (Please let me live vicariously through you while I can only pool run and do ab work!)


  1. NEW FOLLOWER!!!!!! Just found your blog :) :) :)

    Saturday was a little 3-mile run and an hour elliptical! Sunday is my off day :)

  2. YAY! I'm excited for followers!! Welcome to my blog :) Your Saturday workout sounds great...and days off are nice too.