Monday, August 1, 2011

Running through pain

Sorry for the lack of posts since this blog as started...

Let's recap:

Since my last post, I have managed to injure my right knee, making me unable to run for the unforeseeable future.  According to the PT, I can only do the recumbent bike...which in my opinion is a waste of time.  Because of this thinking, I haven't been working out and my knee has actually begun to heal.  Go figure...if I actually show some patience, things start to go my way. 

Because of this injury, my PT also said to drop out of the Annapolis 10 miler that I was planning to run at the end of August.  This was a big let down because I HATE to drop out of races.  I'm trying to look at the positive because not running the 10 miler means I'll be able to start training for this race in a couple weeks (fingers crossed!): 


This is the race I really want to run, so I have to keep in mind when I want to run while injured.  I hope to start biking (the real kind...not recumbent kind) soon so I don't lose the inshapeness ('s a word..I think), but that depends on if I can keep the pain-free feeling for more than one day (I have a tendency to assume that no pain means that it's healed then try to run 5 wonder it wasn't healing).  

But onto happier things....FOOD.  Esp. Chocolate..which is the only endorphin I can enjoy still the exercising can start again.  We had these fun peeps over for dinner last night and I made this uber YUM dessert . :

Nice face Luke!
 I'm sorry I haven't kept up with the blog, but I promise to be better (plus I'll have tons of time on my hands now that I can't run!). 

How do you handle being injured?  Can you force yourself to take time off or do you end up attempting to run through the pain?

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  1. I try to run through the pain. But not this time!! I want to be pain free before I really get going again. I just wish that would be sooner rather than later... haha