Friday, August 19, 2011

I have crabs...

It's Friday...Friday...talked to the doctor on Friday...

...Sorry about that...back to the real post...

Today was actually an crazy busy driving day. 

Unfortunately I need to get better at taking pictures while doing my day to day tasks...I'll work on it. 

This morning I went to the Orthopedic Dr. about my knee.  He agrees with my PT that my meniscus may be torn (ick) but wants to confirm it with an MRI.  Guess what I'm doing on Monday?!  

After the doctor I drove to my Mom's and we went to Panera for lunch.  I LOVE a lot.   Esp. when my Mom buys lunch at Panera (I kid....sort of).  I got the You Pick Two with the Vege soup and Classic Salad with a whole wheat bagette: 

Sorry...I was hungry...
After lunch I went with Mom to her doctor's appointment...where we waited for almost two hours!!  But we got the answers we needed and headed to one of her co-worker's house for a crabfeast/pig roast where I ate soooo much food (obviously my lunch was extremely healthy and lacking protein, so I made up for it). 

Maryland is known for it's crabs, and I had only had a few this this was wonderful.  They also roasted a whole pig, which means I ate enough pulled pork for a family of four. 

Now I plan to relax, watch Numb3rs and get to bed at a decent hour.  Cookout #2 is tomorrow...and I'll be posting a cupcake recipe...involving chocolate...and peanut butter (stay tuned!).


Any fun weekend plans/workouts? 

Does anyone else beside me over eat at cookouts?! There's always so much good food, esp. the desserts!


  1. I am SO SORRY about your knee...that is awful!!
    I have never been to Panera but now I think I need to! AHHH WE ARE WATCHING NUMBERS RIGHT NOW!

  2. You've never been to Panera?! It may be an East Coast thing?! Their salads are AMAZING...and so is their bread...and their sandwiches...and their soup...and their coffee...and their just need to go :)