Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh My Sacroiliac!

Hi fellow blog readers.  I hope everyone had a great day...I know I did.  Here's why:

1.  There was training at work...which, for some, can be boring.  But for me, it's a change of scenery from my day to day routine. 

2.  After running in the pool with some pain I asked the PT to check if my SI joint (Sacroiliac joint...and yes...I had to look that one up too).  Turns out...it was out...and is probably why my knee was hurting so much today.  I'm hoping the knee pains slowly goes away tomorrow...but I know that my hip and lower back will be hurting because of the realignment in my hip.  The PT said that if it stays in place for two weeks it shouldn't pop back out.  I should start a countdown :)  I still plan to ask for a MRI to rule out any major injuries...but I definitely feel slightly better about my injury.   

3.  I decorated this cake tonight (please note that the random sprinkles are from the movement of the car/bringing the cake inside...I'm extremely Type A and actually have the urge to go and fix it and take another picture..but alas I must resist):

Now it's off to hang out with the hubby (probably watching Ultimate Warrior...he likes the show...I compromise because I'm the best.wife.ever).  Have a great evening everyone!


What are some of your hobbies (besides running of course...duh!)?

Any fun plans for this week?  Fun workouts?

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  1. hola injury twin! the PT gave me some exercises to work on making my pelvic area/SI joint stronger. We should have a workout party and work on them together. :)