Monday, August 8, 2011

Anniversary Celebration Continues...and feeling the need to run....

So this post's title may be slightly confusing.  Yes...the 1st Wedding Anniversary celebration continued with this cake we got today (Yellow cake with Reese's PB Cup Filling and Fudge Frosting).  Instead of freezing the top layer of our wedding cake, the bakery made us a small one for our one year.  Can you say YYYUUUMMMMMM?!?!:

But I don't intend to run away...I just want to run, period!  I haven't worked out at all in three weeks, and I feel like my knee is slowly getting better.  I guess rest really does help sometimes.  But I get some pain still and know that doing anything at this point will only set me back further. 

The Physical Therapist that I like the most is gone this week, and I don't want to start anything without asking her first (yes, I'm going to another one this week, but I like my normal PT much better...she's a runner...she understands how my brain works). 

For now...I will eat cake and enjoy seeing my husband stress-free before school starts again for him (he's a high school biology teacher). 

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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