Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What would you do...

As I was driving home from PT today (which ended up not going so knee still hurts and I can't pool run until I see the Ortho Dr. on Friday to see what he says) I was thinking about what I would do if I couldn't run at all ( injury is that severe) and here's what I came up with (please note that I can be a spaz and this is my attempt at finding good in potentially bad situations that may not even really exist..that doesn't make sense now that I'm reading it ...but go with it!):

- Biking (including spinning): I really enjoyed the spinning classes at my work's fitness center, so I could potentially use that as a replacement.

- Swimming:  Since I was a lifeguard for five summers in high school and college you would think that swimming would be my absolute favorite thing. was good for getting kids and adults out of the pool, but I never really enjoyed swimming to stay in shape.  I think if there was some way I could have music and access to a pool it would be more appealing. 

- Elliptical: At least you can read or watch TV while you're doing it

- Classes (including Body Pump, Yoga, Zumba, etc)

- Walking: hahahahahahahahahaha.....oh right...I guess this is still an option.  ::Sigh::

And then there's those other hobbies that I could fill my time with (besides blogging of course!):

- Cooking: It's a given...I LOVE food...and love to eat :)

- Baking (it's different from cooking, trust me):  I would have to give a lot of my baked goods away since I wouldn't be exercising as much ...but I absolutely LOVE to bake (you'll be seeing some recipes this weekend).

- Reading

- Listening to music/going to concerts with the hubby

- Traveling (even if I don't run the race in Vegas...we're still going since the plane tickets and hotel room have been purchased). 

See...that makes me feel a little better to see that my life isn't completely over if running was not in the picture. 

Well...after PT, Andrew had made us dinner:

Can you guess which one is mine?
And we had my cake for dessert.  I missed the chocolate, but it was still pretty good.  It was husband approved too:

This may or may not be my second piece... to chillax before a crazy 10 hour day at work tomorrow.  No PT...but I believe there is baking in my future. 

Please note I made a mistake on yesterday's post...the TV show we watched is called 'Deadliest Warrior', not 'Ultimate Warrior'.  It was Samurai vs. Viking.  Andrew thought for sure the Viking had it...but he was WRONG...I picked Samurai and won that one (we're not a competitive couple at all!). 


What would you do if you couldn't run (or do something else that you loved)? 

Are you and your significant other competitive? 


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