Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cake Decorating Prep..and The Finished Product

Monday's Workout: 27 mins bike with PT exercises
Tuesday's Workout: Session with Physical Therapist; 30 mins bike with PT exercises
Wednesday Workout: 28 mins bike with PT exercises
Thursday Workout: off
Friday Workout: Session with the Physical Therapist (15 min bike and PT exercises)

Monday and Tuesday's plan after work was to prep for my cake decorating class on Wednesday.  I missed the very last class due to the hurricane (an electric oven makes it very hard to bake when the power is out). 

I forgot how much work decorating a cake was, so it took me all evening to bake the cake, make the frosting, frost the cake and make the frosting flowers (it takes them a day to dry..and most of them broke so I didn't use them). 

It took three days for the food coloring to come off!

The work paid off: I decorated my final cake and got my certificate (yes...the colors are quite annoying).  I don't think I'll be signing up for any more cake decorating classes since it was so time consuming, but it was really fun and I learned a lot. 

The finished product :)


After PT last night Andrew took me out to dinner and to play mini golf (it's indoors and everything glows in the dark!).  I'll tell you about the yummy food and how bad I beat Andrew the mini-golf game in a later post.  Have a great Saturday everyone!

P.S. : Have you entered Vanessa's giveaway.  What are you waiting for?!


How much frosting do you like on your cake/cupcakes?
I like a good 2:1 frosting to cake ratio.  You can even leave the cake out ;)

Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting?
Chocolate!!!!! (as if that was a surprise to anyone reading this)


  1. A cake decorating class sounds so fun! I'm with you ion the chocolate frosting. Beats vanilla any day!

  2. that looks amazing!! What are you going to do with the cake?? :)