Sunday, October 9, 2011

Late Night Organization

(Potential) Sunday Workout: Bike, Body Pump and CX30 (a new abs class at the Y)

Do you and your husband ever start on a task late at night, then wonder why you didn't start it earlier?! That was Andrew and I last night.  His parents gave us an end table, and once we found a place for that, the reorganization of the Nagel apartment began!

A blurry picture of the table that now houses our liquor and our board games.  Weird combo...I think not!

The pile of stuff that has followed my husband for years and (sort of) doubled when I came into the picture

The place where his dresser used to be (which is now in our bedroom)

I also reorganized my cake decorating stuff because Andrew's Mom gave me a bunch of stuff from her cake decorating days. 

See the new spot for Andrew's dresser?!

Some people may hate to clean/reorganize, but Andrew and I love projects like this.  Hopefully I'll remember to take some 'after' pictures to show off our reorganized apartment :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

What kind of projects do you enjoy with your significant other?
Andrew and I are both OCD, but have different levels of it, which I think makes us a great team :)

Do you have Columbus day off? Doing anything fun?
I'm hanging out with my Mom and we're doing some shopping.  I haven't shopped or hung out with Mom in awhile (I'm trying to be good and not spend a ton of money) so I'm really excited!

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