Sunday, October 23, 2011

1st birthdays and a ghost tour

Good morning everyone! I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better.  Whatever I had was pretty crappy though. 

Yesterday was extremely busy with errand running, birthdays and ghost tours.  The first thing we did was order our IPHONES!!! We both got the black iPhone 4S and it should be shipped to our apartment in a couple weeks (which is good because we were due for an upgrade over a year ago).  

After a quick Subway lunch, we relaxed a little bit at home before heading to my cousin's house for his son's first birthday. 

That cake was awesome. It was chocolate and I didn't feel sick afterwards :)

The parents wondering if their son will like sugar ...

I think the answer is yes :)

Then Andrew and I went straight from the party to dinner and a ghost tour with Megan, Luke and Megan's parents. 

Watch out Ghost Hunters...

I guess you can sometimes see a figure in the window...I didn't see anything though

The ghost tour guide said 'orbs' were seen in pictures taken on these steps.  Again...I didn't see anything.

Also haunted...

One of the jail cells...there were only three for this small town. 

All in all, a great not-feeling-sick anymore Saturday.  Now today is another busy one: 

- Sunday school
- Church
- Lunch (probably subway again...hehe)
- Girls on the Run
- Workout 
- Grocery shopping 
- Dinner
- Collapse

Have a great day everyone!  

Are your weekends usually busy, or do you get some down time?

Any races today? Fun workouts?

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  1. YAY for not feeling sick anymore!! And YAY for GOTR!!