Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Festival Fun...and Fro Yo

Saturday Workout: 32ish min bike and PT exercises

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great Saturday.  The weather was PERFECT here.  It was actually a perfect day for running, but I settled for walking around a fall festival with Megan, Andrew and his parents instead.  We walked from Megan's house to the festival, which involved a crazy hill that we walked up/down.  I definitely got another workout in...and it felt great. 

Before the festival we went to the Double T Diner for breakfast/lunch (Andrew's Dad and I got breakfast, Andrew and his Mom got lunch).  This is what you see as you walk in the restaurant:

The first two make sense...but how often do you walk into a restaurant and take off your shoes...honestly?!

Then we walked off our meal.  Here are some pictures of a cool car we saw there: maybe I forgot to take pictures of other things...oops! But here is one of the best parts of the day, besides the weather and hanging out with family and friends:

FRO YO!! It's been so long since I had it...and it made a great dinner.

Andrew and I decided to reorganize our's going to be a long (but productive) evening.  Have a great night everyone!

Did you have amazing weather today?  Did you take advantage of it and spend some time outside?

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