Friday, October 7, 2011

Clowns eat souls...and babies

Sunday Workout: 30 min bike and BODY PUMP (pain free....YAYAYAYAYAYAY)
Monday Workout: Off Day
Tuesday Workout: 30 min bike and PT exercises
Wednesday Workout: PT session (15 min bike and a TON of exercises...including two new ones)
Thursday Workout: Body Pump and 17 mins on the bike
Friday: PT session (15 min bike and many MANY exercises)

Hey everybody! How excited are you that it's Friday?! I'm very excited about my three day weekend, esp. since I've been stuck in training for the past five days.  So not cool...but necessary for the certification that I have.

So you may be wondering about the post title for today.  At GOTR this past Sunday, we had the girls give us examples of things that stressed them out as they ran laps.  One girl said clowns (they can be kind of scary!).  We asked why she thought they were stressful...and her response was "OMG they are so scary, they eat souls....and babies!!".  Megan and I were cracking up! The girls are hilarious and it was a fun hour, despite the weather being kind of chilly.

This weekend is jam packed with stuff.  Today I had PT after work, then Andrew and I went to one of our favorite places...CHICK-FIL-A ("I could eat there seven times a day"...thank you, Tim Hawkins).  Although I didn't get the waffle fries, there over sized fruit bowl is pretty amazing.  And it's all washed down with some Diet Coke (Andrew says I'm an addict...which isn't true...ok... maybe I'm just not ready to admit it.  Plus Diet Pepsi is better....they just don't offer it at Chick-fil-a). 

Tomorrow we're hanging out with Andrew's parents and going to lunch and a Fall Festival.  They didn't have much about the festival on the website, but I hope they have lots of fall-like food (aka pumpkin and apple related things). 

Have a great Friday everyone!

Caramel Apple or Candy Apple?
I love caramel apples!

Does anyone else do Body Pump?  Are you in pain (aka..the 'I worked out hard' pain) afterwards?
I think I'm more in the 'I haven't lifted anything in months and need to get back in shape' hurt...but it feels so good!

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