Friday, January 18, 2013

Why I'm Back In School...

Comfort food from Trader Joes...

Why yes, those are peanut butter filled pretzels, and yes the bag is open, and yes, it may be half gone already (6 pieces is not a serving...)

 ....that I got after finding out that I got a B on my Psych test (blah).  I don't know why I was so angry about it...there was no way I could have done any better than that given the fact that we didn't really know what the test was going to be on until the night before. 

What my test grade actually feels like...

......But anyways....enough of my venting (although thanks for listening :)).  You may be wondering why I have been going back to school.  I currently work at a job where I sit at a desk.  I'm very blessed to have this job and to be able to contribute financially.  However, I despise sitting at a desk.  It has never been for me (believe it or not I usually have to get up at least once when writing a blog post), and I never really saw myself in this job setting.

So with the support of my husband, my family and my friends, I have decided to go back to school for Physical Therapy.  I figured that I'm still fairly young (even though I don't get carded anymore...what's up with that?!), and we don't have kids yet, so this would be the best time to make a career change.  

School is cool :)

I'll have several semesters of crazy schedules where I'll only see my husband when I get home (and he's usually asleep) or when we both wake up in the morning (which isn't a pretty sight), but I hope to get my pre-reqs done by next Fall, which is when I can also apply to schools.  Hopefully those who read this blog can learn how to balance work life with school life with a running life...and still stay sane :)


Are you in school?  What tips do you have for working and going to school at the same time?

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