Thursday, January 17, 2013

Out with the old....

And in with the new...



Running Shoes:

Anddddd.....A neuroma in my left foot that I think I got two days after signing up for the Pittsburgh Marathon.  My running friends said that neuromas are just something I'll have to live with and that I should run through the pain, while the two physical therapists that I work for say to stop running until it stops hurting when I walk.  Even though I miss running terribly and want to listen to my running buddies...I'm thinking I should be smart and listen to the PTs this time around. 

What exactly is a neuroma?, you ask:


According to WebMD:

Morton's neuroma is thickening of the tissue around the nerve between the bases of the toes (usually between the third and fourth toes). Foot pain, odd sensations, or numbness over the ball of the foot are the usual symptoms.  It is more common in women and can be a result of wearing high heels or tight shoes. (source)

Although I do wear high heels every so often (I haven't worn anything but my Uggs and my running shoes since the pain started because they were the only shoes that had enough space to fit my orthotics), I think the neuroma that I have was a result of these:

Yes...those are five year old othotics (see the hole in the left one...that's the spot where my foot pain started...)

So because of this, I'm not certain if the Pittsburgh Marathon is happening or not.  I'll already be a few weeks behind on my training plan, plus I haven't ran in several weeks, so it probably wouldn't be smart for me to train for it since I probably wouldn't be able to run well.  We shall see how things go though!  

How well do you deal with injuries?  Do you usually not worry or does it give you major depression symptoms when you think of the races you could be running?

What is your favorite thing to do when it comes to cross training?

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