Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Complete with hardly any snow! Maryland is silly like that...there is much panic about a 'winter storm' with a funny name like 'Saturn' (who came up with the idea to name all storms anyways?!), so schools, state government, federal government, and other businesses shut down. 

The snow dance worked!!

The amount of snow we currently have...I'm so glad we got our TP and milk to prepare for this mess....::sarcasm::

Not that I'm complaining....I have a trig test tomorrow that I've barely studied for, so this day off as been wonderful!

But besides studying I hope to venture out into the winter-ness and get my sweat on at our apartment's fitness center...and maybe do some baking too. 

Hope you're all staying warm and safe today!  

Did you have today off from work or school? Did you do anything fun?

Any good snow day indoor workout routines? Or are you brave and run in all types of weather?

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