Saturday, January 7, 2012

Long time, no talk (my b!)

Howdy Happy Blog readers (if I have any left!). I apologize for my long absence...but I have a (few) reasons:

1. The holidays:

Around Christmas and New Years is absolutely crazy in the Nagel household.  We have multiple family dinners on my side, then had to drive to PA to see his side of the family.  I envy the time management of the other bloggers who could actually blog around the holidays!

2. I'm going back to school!!!!!!!

Don't you love my backpack?! Andrew got it for me for Christmas :)

I'm taking night classes at our local community college.  Pysch 101 in the winter, then Bio 101 and Stats in the Spring.  It will be hard to juggle everything, but I'm really looking forward to it (does that make me a nerd?!).  But speaking of school...I need to get to the reading/homework (ggrrr). 

I hope everyone has a good weekend! My hope is to update the blog once a week (either Saturday or Sunday) look out for that :)

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